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‘A solid foundation’
The Birmingham News, (1/19/03)
Alabama can't delay on constitutional reform

Dorcas Harris for The Huntsville Times, (1/18/03)
Constitutional reform advocates release recommendations
The Huntsville Times, (1/17/03)
Another argument for home rule

The Tuscaloosa News, (1/10/03)
New group seeks impact on wide range of issues
The Mobile Register, (01/06/03)
2003 offers best chance for reform

Tom Scarritt for The Birmingham News, (01/05/03)
Reform: The time has come
The Anniston Star, (12/31/02)
Time is now ripe for constitutional reform
The Mobile Register, (12/12/02)
Make 2003 year for reform

The Montgomery Advertiser, (12/12/02)
Rodent control and the constitution

The Anniston Star, (12/11/02)
Bennett says 2003 best time for rewriting constitution

The Associated Press, (12/10/02)
Bennett:'03 best time for reform
The Birmingham News, (12/10/02)
Residents express concerns over state Constitution
Opelika-Auburn News, (12/08/02)
A crowded bandwagon
The Birmingham News, (12/08/02)
Counties pursue more control

The Birmingham Post-Herald, (12/05/02)
Auburn to host constitutional forum
The Auburn Plainsman, (12/04/02)
Professor believes climate right for reforming Alabama
The Daily Mountain Eagle, (11/25/02)
Rallying for reform
The Birmingham, News, (11/25/02)
Amendment One top vote-getter in election; Constitution grows to 742 amendments
The Associated Press, (11/20/02)
Another example of need
The Mobile Register, (11/18/02)
Election results offer hope for reforms
Bailey Thomson for The Birmingham News, (11/17/02)
Constitutional reform key to state progress
Susan Pace Hamill for the Birmingham News, (11/17/02)
Frivilous complaints
The Birmingham News, (11/16/02)
Amendment claim insulting to voters
The Montgomery Advertiser, (11/16/02)
Which is why we need a new constitution
The Anniston Star, (11/12/02)
Alabama voters strongly approve Amendment One concerning constitution
The Associated Press, (11/06/02)
Leaders say measure crucial for reform
Montgomery Advertiser, (11/05/02)
Supporters of new constitution push for amendment
The Associated Press, (11/04/02)
Reform group pushes Amendment One
The Troy Messenger, (11/01/02)
Speakers stress approval of Amendment One
The Auburn Plainsman, (10/31/02)
For Decatur native Kevin Garrison, the fight for constitutional reform
created a driving purpose

The Decatur Daily, (10/31/02)
Bus tour puts focus on constitutional reform
The Dothan Eagle, (10/31/02)
Constitutional reform rally gives students history lesson
Alexander City Outlook, (10/30/02)
Southside students learn about state’s constitution
The Gadsden Times, (10/25/02)
‘Reform’ school lessons: Constitutional reform leaders come to CHS seeking support
The Cullman Times, (10/24/02)
Bus driver steering a vehicle for change
The Huntsville Times, (10/24/02)
Flynt among speakers at upcoming constitutional reform rally
The Auburn Plainsman, (10/24/02)
Group seeks support for Amendment 1
Florence Times Daily, (10/23/02)
Panel eyes constitutional changes
The Mobile Register, (10/22/02)
Constitution reform commission to meet in Mobile
The Mobile Register, (10/18/02)
Meetings will boost constitutional reform
The Mobile Register, (10/17/02)
I dream of a new constitution...
The Selma Times - Journal, (10/17/02)
Bus tour touts constitutional reform
The Birmingham News, (10/17/02)
Pell City Kiwanians urged to promote constitutional reform
Talladega Daily Home, (10/8/02)
The people’s voice
The Gadsden Times, (9/25/02)
Amendment One would require statewide vote on Constitution
The Associated Press, (9/23/02)
Panel hears proposed constitution changes
The Birmingham News, (9/09/02)
Jasper attorney hears suggestions for constitution improvement
The Jasper Daily Mountain Eagle, (9/08/02)
Reform redux
The Birmingham News, (9/08/02)
State gives constitution reform advice
The Huntsville Times, (7/22/02)
Constitution ill-designed 
Montgomery Advertiser, (7/21/02)
Fairness is the issue, not liberal-vs.-conservative 
Mobile Register, (7/17/02)
Forum lets citizens speak on constitutional reforms
The Huntsville Times, (7/16/02)
Group discusses home rule, reform process
The Birmingham News, (7/16/02)
Reform continued 
The Anniston Star, (7/16/02)
A grassroots movement 
The Huntsville Times, (7/16/02)
New chance for change 
The Huntsville Times, (7/14/02)
Grassroots group laying constitutional groundwork
The Tuscaloosa News, (7/14/02)
Citizen’s commission
The Birmingham News, (7/7/02)
Reform’s next move
The Huntsville Times, (7/7/02)
Constitution reform group to meet here
The Huntsville Times, (7/4/02)
Citizens’ Commission on Constitutional Reform to hold public meeting
Perry named Field Director of ACCR
Legislative candidates give thoughts on constitution

The Birmingham News, (5/30/02)
Legislators ignore question on survey
The Tuscaloosa News, (5/24/02)
Democracy best, even in Alabama
The Birmingham News, (5/05/02)
Alabama’s politics can be peculiar

Special to the Register, Bailey Thomson, (4/28/02)
Constitution reform movement picks up important new ally
The Tuscaloosa News, (4/28/02)
The right idea
The Birmingham News, (4/28/02)
A guide to making your candidate sweat
Mobile Register, (4/27/02)
Last rites: The week reform lost a battle
The Huntsville Times, (4/24/02)
A re-write is only right
The Anniston Star, (4/07/02) (article 6 of a 6 part editorial series)
Eli’s road rage
The Anniston Star, (4/05/02) (article 5 of a 6 part editorial series)
Principal McClure’s wish list
The Anniston Star, (4/04/02) (article 4 of a 6 part editorial series)
Grocery shopping with Judy
The Anniston Star, (4/03/02) (article 3 of a 6 part editorial series)
Daniel’s lost summer — hogging the subdivision
The Anniston Star, (4/02/02) (article 2 of a 6 part editorial series)
Legacy of a flawed document
The Anniston Star, (4/01/02) (article 1 of a 6 part editorial series)
Constitution belongs to citizens
The Birmingham News, (4/04/02)
Weigh session very carefully
The Montgomery Advertiser, (4/04/02)
No Montgomery miracle
The Huntsville Times, (4/04/02)
A better constitution, a better life
The Birmingham News, (3/24/02)
Alabama House shelves constitutional reform
The Tuscaloosa News, (3/22/02)
Legislature thwarts constitutional reform
The Montgomery Advertiser, (3/22/02)
House delays vote on constitution
The Montgomery Advertiser, (3/22/02)
Constitution reform dies in House
The Tuscaloosa News, (3/22/02)
Convention plan likely dead
The Birmingham News, (3/22/02)
Black caucus shoots self in the foot
The Birmingham News, (3/22/02)
The lawmakers have spoken — And they don’t trust the people
The Birmingham News, (3/22/02)
Sound decision — Barbara Boyd does the right thing
The Birmingham News, (3/22/02)
House sending clear message: People can’t be trusted
The Birmingham News, (3/21/02)
Convention faces long odds
The Tuscaloosa News, (3/21/02)
Reformers are taking aim at Alabama's state constitution
National Public Radio (audio), Debbie Elliott, (4/19/02)
Base camp

The Birmingham News, (3/19/02)
Let the people vote— A House committee vote
The Anniston Star, (3/19/02)
Reform now — A House committee vote
The Anniston Star, (3/18/02)
Ironic black caucus opposition defies logic
The Eufaula Tribune, (3/18/02)
The clout wars
The Birmingham News, (3/17/02)
Seeing red
The Birmingham News, (3/17/02)
‘Trust the people’
The Birmingham News, (3/17/02)
Let people decide how to rewrite constitution
Mobile Press Register, (3/17/02)
Old Alabama won’t leave politely
The Economist, (3/14/02)
Alabama’s fight over ‘Old South’ constitution
By Patrik Jonsson, Special to The Christian Science Monitor, (3/13/02)
There is hope for a new beginning
By Jim Bennett, Special to the Tuscaloosa News, (3/03/02)
ACCR supported resolution HJR 152
Alabamians go by an outdated book
The New York Times, (2/25/02)
Colleges: another reason for reform
The Huntsville Times, (2/24/02)
Bennett sees vote on constitution
The Birmingham News, (2/16/02)
Bennett seeks 'lasting impression' with push for constitution reform

The Huntsville Times, (2/16/02)
Debate reform with honesty
The Montgomery Advertiser, (2/16/02)
James blasts calls for new constitution
Mobile Press Register, (2/14/02)
Constitutional convention gains support, Senators say
The Birmingham News, (2/14/02)
Constitution plans incite lawsuit

Associated Press, (2/14/02)
Siegelman may consider another special session
Anniston Star, (2/14/02)
Anti-Reform group lacks righteousness
The Birmingham News, (2/08/02)
Let the people lead to a better future
Commentary by Bailey Thomson, The Mobile Register, (2/08/02)
Constitution rewrite vote delayed by committee
The Birmingham News, (2/06/02)
Constitutional reform
Anniston Star, (2/06/02)
Siegelman speaks to Eufaula/Barbour County Chamber of Commerce
The Eufaula Tribune, (2/06/02)
ACCR’s proposal can work

Mobile Press Register, (2/04/02)
Vote on new constitution should be all or nothing

The Anniston Star, (2/04/02)
Constitution should have all our input

Opinion by Tom Scarritt, Birmingham News, (2/03/02)
Bennet good choice to lead reform group
The Tuscaloosa News, (2/03/02)
A strategy for reform
The Huntsville Times, (2/03/02)
A new plan
The Birmingham News, (2/03/02)
Gov. resolve — The route to a convention
The Anniston Star, (2/02/02)
ACCR weighs in with its reform plan
The Tuscaloosa News, February 1, 2002
Constitution schedule

ABC 33/40 News, (1/31/02)
Reformers lay out constitution plan
The Tuscaloosa News, (1/31/02)
Group lays out schedule for constitutional convention

The Dothan Eagle, (1/31/02)
On constitution reform
Talladega Daily Home, (1/31/02)
Reform group calls for constitutional convention vote
Anniston Star, (1/31/02)
Bennett drops campaign to focus on constitution
Mobile Press Register, (1/31/02)
Selling reform
The Birmingham News, (1/31/02)
ACCR press conference

Remarks by Secretary of State Jim Bennett, (1/30/02)
Jim Bennett won't run for another office this year
Associated Press, (1/30/02)
Group lays out schedule for constitutional convention
Associated Press, (1/30/02)
Campaign of deceit
The Birmingham News, (1/25/02)
State school board calls for new constitution, home rule
Associated Press, (1/24/02)
Creaky constitution ties local hands
The Montgomery Advertiser, (1/23/02)
Constitution telecast worth watching
The Tuscaloosa News, (1/23/02)
Callahan blocks home rule for counties
Mobile Press Register, (1/23/02)
Demonstrators oppose change to state constitution
Anniston Star, (1/23/02)
Group fights reform
The Montgomery Advertiser/Associated Press, (1/23/02)
The Daily Home on constitutional reform
Talladega Daily Home, (1/18/02)
First step to reform
The Birmingham News, (1/17/02)
Devilish details
The Birmingham News, (1/17/02)
Whatever his motivation, governor’s stance correct
Mobile Press Register, (1/13/02)
Reform’s new urgency
The Huntsville Times, (1/13/02)
Rivals sing as one on reform issue
The Huntsville Times, (1/13/02)
Reform on the horizon
The Montgomery Advertiser, (1/13/02)
AT LARGE: Some constitutional convention questions need to be answered
By Tommy Stevenson, Tuscaloosa News, (1/13/02)
Legislators wrap up first week of session
Anniston Star, (1/13/02)
Voters’ convention needed
The Birmingham News (1/12/02)
What the candidates are saying about the constitution
Tuscaloosa News, (1/11/02)
Constitutional convention best route
Talladega Daily Home, (1/11/02)
Who are these ‘special interests’?
Mobile Press Register, (1/10/02)
Windom’s suggestions don’t go far enough
Tuscaloosa News, (1/10/02)
Lawmakers: No convention details
The Birmingham News, (1/10/02)
Governor sets the tone for election year
Tuscaloosa News, (1/10/02)
Area legislators back governor
The Birmingham News, (1/09/02)
Windom proposes amendments to state constitution
Anniston Star, (1/09/02)
‘Back to the people’
State of the State message calls for constitutional convention

Anniston Star, (1/09/02)
Unsound state — The governor’s pitch
Anniston Star, (1/09/02)
Siegelman calls for constitutional convention
The Montgomery Advertiser, (1/09/02)
Constitution gets priority
Anniston Star, (1/09/02)
New constitution urged
The Birmingham News, (1/09/02)
Windom backs home rule
The Montgomery Advertiser (1/09/02)
Siegelman vows to fight special interests
The Montgomery Advertiser (1/09/02)
Siegelman calls for constitutional convention
Associated Press, (1/08/02)
Reactions to Gov. Don Siegelman’s state of the state address
Associated Press, (1/08/02)
Highlights of Gov. Don Siegelman’s proposals for the 2002 regular session of the legislature
Associated Press, (1/08/02)
Timeline on Siegelman’s view of constitutional revision
Associated Press, (1/08/02)
Senator’s fears ignore reality
The Montgomery Advertiser (1/08/02)
Lawmakers’ delusions
The Montgomery Advertiser (1/08/02)
“There is nothing new under the sun”

Opinion by Dale Short, Birmingham News, (1/06/02)
“Low expectations”, election year shouldn't mean no heavy lifting
The Birmingham News, (1/06/02)
A state agenda for 2002
The Huntsville Times, (1/01/02)

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