2004 Archived Articles and Editorials

On Amendment Two
Huntsville Times, October 12, 2004
By John Ehinger

Given the relentlessly negative tone of the national presidential campaign, it's easy to be cynical these days over any debate that purports to be about one thing when it, in fact, could be about another.
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Constitutional reform group to be out at polls
Mobile Register, October 22, 2004
By Sallie Owen

A group dedicated to holding a constitutional convention to rewrite Alabama's governing document will begin a year-long petition drive at the polls Nov. 2. Volunteers across the state hope to collect 50,000 signatures that day.
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Is it time for a rewrite?
Andalusia-Star News, October 15, 2004
By Kim Henderson

The "current" version was written in 1901. It's not so current by 2004 standards. What's known as Alabama's highest code of law - the state's constitution - to this day carries a plethora of strong racial and sexist language.
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Group still pushes new constitution
Huntsville Times, October 12, 2004
By John Ehinger

When Hartwell Lutz tries to persuade people to sign a petition in favor of creating a new state constitution, he shows them a big fat book. Then he tells them that the tome he's holding is the Alabama Constitution. Then he says it's an old edition that lacks 150 of the latest amendments. "I say it's just a mess, and it needs to be replaced," he said.
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Plus or minus One — Our problems are still with us
Anniston Star, September 6, 2004
By Sid McAnnally, special to The Star

Across the state, editorial writers will be looking back to Sept. 9, 2003, and a vote that rejected the boldest single initiative ever on an Alabama ballot. Many will see the vote as the end of a reform movement, but a closer look shows that the issues raised by Amendment One have dominated the past year, and continue to drive politics in Alabama.
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State's husky constitution could add 35 amendments
Birmingham News, August 9, 2004
By David White, staff writer

Alabama's constitution, already the biggest in the nation, may be about to get bigger. Alabama voters will face 35 proposed amendments to the state constitution on the Nov. 2 ballot. Since November 1998, they have considered more than 140 such changes to the bulky document.
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Reform revitalized
Dothan Eagle, April 18, 2004

If Bailey Thomson had a dream, it was almost certainly to see the people of Alabama governed by a fair, efficient and thoughtfully conceived constitution. Perhaps more than any other Alabamian, he knew the shortcomings of our 103-year-old constitution, its checkered history and dubious origins.
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Constitution reform takes a back seat
Huntsville Times, April 11, 2004
By Anthony McCartney, correspondent

From the lack of discussion about tax and constitution reform since the failure of last year's Amendment One and the subsequent budget crisis, one might think that the efforts didn't just get pushed to the back seat of politicians' agendas -- they got run over.
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Senate approves limited home rule for counties
Associated Press, April 1, 2004

The Alabama Senate is ready to give limited home rule to counties to control weeds, stray animals, public water and sewer services, and some noise problems. The Senate voted in favor of a limited home rule bill, which will now go to the House for consideration.
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Group rallies support for constitutional reform
Times Daily, March 4, 2004
By Michelle Rupe Eubanks, staff writer

The hefty weight of Alabama's constitution was lifted several times Wednesday to illustrate its bulk. Dr. Thomas Corts lifted the weighty document throughout his speech Wednesday afternoon at a rally for constitutional reform.
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Suppressing silliness
Birmingham News, March 5, 2004

There it is, in black and white in Section 86 of the 1901 Alabama Constitution: "The legislature shall pass such penal laws as it may deem expedient to suppress the evil practice of dueling." Apparently, the Legislature has done a pretty fair job of suppressing dueling in Alabama. When's the last time we've had a good duel?
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Home rule amendment to be presented once again
Crimson White, January 28, 2004

A bill presented last year that would give Alabamians the power to decide whether to grant home rule to counties may come up again in this year's legislative session.
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