2005 Archived Articles and Editorials

Hope for reform still alive
Birmingham News
December 4, 2005
Tom Scarritt

For years, those of us who believe Alabama needs a new constitution have hoped the continuing crises in state government might prompt reform. We were wrong.
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Hearing set on constitutional convention bill
Birmingham News, April 1, 2005

Alabama voters would decide by mid-September whether to call a convention to draft a new state constitution, under a proposal scheduled for debate next week at the State House. The Senate's 12-member constitution and elections committee will hold a public hearing at 10 a.m. Tuesday on the bill by state Sen. Ted Little, D-Auburn.
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Alabama Students for Constitutional Reform
The Exponent, February 10, 2005

Imagine, only for a moment, that in this day and age, you happen to live in a state that has a constitution that was written way back in 1901. Everything from mosquito control to bingo is included within the 104 year-old constitution and because of the complicated and punitive tax laws set forth in this state constitution, the poorest citizens of that state pay nearly eleven percent of their income in state taxes, while the wealthiest one percent has to pay just four percent of their income to state taxes.
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If Iraq gets new constitution, why not us?
Birmingham News, February 2, 2005

Millions of Iraqis braved suicide bombers, mortar attacks and gunshots to vote for a governing assembly that will write a new constitution for Iraq. That temporary body will draft a document by December, to be voted on by the Iraqi people. It begs the question: If Iraq's citizens can vote for a new constitution, why can't Alabama's? xxx
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