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Citizens across Alabama are asking:
   How can I join this grass-roots movement? How can I help regenerate our state's civic life? How can I help our elected leaders see the light?

Here are some suggestions:
   First, join Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform - a non-partisan group of Alabamians working across our state to achieve a new constitution for a better Alabama. While ACCR's Foundation works to educate the people of Alabama and their leader's about the need for constitutional reform, ACCR is working as a nonpartisan, nonprofit group to bring about reform.

Join online using VeriSign, the web's most secure payment method.

Contributions to ACCR are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

   You can join for as little as $15 by clicking one of the buttons above. Or contact ACCR using the contact information at the bottom of this page. (You may also use the attached printable form.)    

   Next, let your legislators and your statewide leaders know you want a new constitution. Write them a letter or send them an e-mail and say, "Count me among those who want a new constitution."

   You only have to write a few sentences to get your point across. It's not how much you write but rather the power of the feelings you convey that will make a difference. Some legislators continue to say they don't hear from their constituents about constitutional reform. Therefore, they conclude there is not much interest among voters. Let's change that perception!

   Join in the public deliberation about constitutional reform. Write your local newspaper and express your thoughts. Also, answer negative or erroneous letters and let the public know the truth. Reformers can win this debate if they will be active in the arena of public opinion.

   Get your civic and church organizations involved. Let them become forums for debate and discussion about our constitution. We need to expand the civic space in Alabama if we are going to take back our democracy from the special interests.

   If you're interested in organizing a reform group in your area, ACCR can help. We want to encourage the development of a grass-roots movement that doesn’t depend on any one organization for success.

E-mail: accr@constitutionalreform.org

Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform
P.O. Box 10746
Birmingham, AL 35202-0746

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