Newspaper Series

The following is a list of editorial series from newspapers around the state
of Alabama including The Birmingham News, The Gadsden Times,
The Tuscaloosa News, The Huntsville Times, The Anniston Star and Mobile Register

Press Coverage from around the State

Testament to a travesty
Anniston Star Editorials
About the Constitution series
In our opinon
4/01/02 through 4/07/02

Contributors to The Star’s six-part editorial series on constitutional reform included Associate Editor John Fleming and Editorial Writer Richard Raeke, who wrote the essays; Star Graphics Department illustrator Lesley Johnson, who drew the daily cartoon strips, “The Daily Constitutional,” which ran along the bottoms of the pages; Anniston artist John Will Davis, who drew the head-shot portraits of the daily editorials’ subjects; and Jacksonville State University art student Leilah Rampa, a native of Switzerland, who sketched the daily editorial cartoons. Commentary editor Bruce A. Lowry handled the layout and overall design of the series.

A three part series of New York Times regional articles that appeared
in the Tuscaloosa News, Florence Times Daily and the Gadsden Times

 Part I
Alabama Constitution at heart of heated controversy
   By Mike Goens, The Florence Times Daily, November 18, 2001

Constitutional Reform: Who’s in this fight and why?
   By Mike Goens, The Florence Times Daily, November 18, 2001
Poll: Respondents skeptical that state constitution can be changed for the best
   By Steve Reeves, The Tuscaloosa News, November 18, 2001
How the Constitution came to be:
  ‘It’s quite a birthday for a document steeped in Alabama’s history’

   By Dana Beyerle, The Tuscaloosa News, November 18, 2001

 Part II
Opportunity for change has come and gone for nation's longest constitution
   By Dana Beyerle, The Tuscaloosa News, November 19, 2001
Some see amendment 328 as proof that constitutional reform can happen here
  By Mike Goens, The Florence Times Daily, November 19, 2001

Other states show how, and how not, to reform constitution
  By Mike Goens, The Florence Times Daily, November 19, 2001

State constitution cited as cause for ‘holding us back’
  By Dana Beyerle, The Tuscaloosa News, November 19, 2001

 Part III
Constitution thins the wallets of Alabamians
   By Steve Reeves, The Tuscaloosa News, November 25, 2001
Opponents of constitutional change say higher taxes are possible result
   By Steve Reeves, The Tuscaloosa News, November 25, 2001
Most timberland, farm owners shun changes to tax structure
   By Dana Beyerle, The Tuscaloosa News, November 25, 2001
Poll: 65% say tax structure favors the rich
   By Steve Reeves, The Tuscaloosa News, November 25, 2001

*Used by permission.

A new century, a new constitution

A Special editorial series of the The Birmingham News

Introduction: Dear Governor
Siegelman asked; this week offers an answer

Part 1: Constitution’s cost
Siegelman's aim of efficiency took a beating
Part 2: History’s knot
For 100 years, an obstacle at the center of government
Part 3: Malicious intent
Part 4: State’s straitjacket
Earmarking in constitution ties Alabama's hands
Part 5: Schools on the cheap
Constitution's blue-light special taxes no bargain
Part 7: Hogtied, handcuffed
Constitution keeps counties from governing selves
Part 8: Wet rag
Alabama's constitution dampens development
Part 9: Daybreak in Alabama

*Used by permission
Rewriting Alabama’s Constitution
It's hard to tell which parts of state's Constitution are still valid
Constitution: Alabama’s solution

*Used by permission.
A state buried in paper:

Alabama's controversial constitution


Our future dimmed by yellow paper?
‘The Negro problem’
Putting the six constitutions of state into historical context
Not much power to the people

Alabama: A taxing problem

     • Constitution that shelters resources extracts a high price.
     • Abolition of slavery also helped abolish major source of revenue.

Mobile ‘Memorial Forest’ grows Lowe's store, Marriott hotel

Other states update creaky constitutions

Survey: No big rewrite push from Legislators

A movement grounded in optimism

Speakers vow that this time state will break free of a crippling law

Other Stories:
Legislature deep in local issues

*used by permission.

. Century of shame
A Special Editorial Series of the Mobile Register

      I. When the lights dimmed
     II. The beast in the garden
    III. Blessed are the privileged
    IV. Faces from the future
     V. The last big mule
    VI. Absurd in Alabama
   VII. Let us convene

Sin of the fathers
How powerful interests made Alabama safe for themselves --
and condemned generations to ignorance and bitter division

I. Introduction

II. The legacy of misplaced power
    • World’s biggest, but nobody’s proud
    • Political reformers try and fail
    • Special interests fear ‘can of worms’
    • When Alabama’s reformers have failed
    • No easing of amendment rat race
    • ‘Supremacy’ and the stolen vote

III. The problem comes home
    • ‘Hostage’: County’s desire to hike tax
    • Outdated system has coosa schools struggling for life
    • ‘Current use’ loses millions for Alabama
    • Birmingham’s bickering the worst
    • Horse and buggy roads good enough for 1901 Constitution
    • Hurting for home rule in Baldwin and Mobile counties

IV. The long apron strings
    • Capital has the power in Alabama
    • Alabamians advised: Don’t fear home rule
    • State tells counties where the money goes
    • Zoning anarchy is a muddy mess
    • Home rule could spur city, county teamwork
    • Callahan commission’s fall a blessing in disguise?

V. What other states have done
    • Virginia: Simplification is better
    • Learning from Maryland’s mistakes
    • Coloradans can take law into their own hands
    • Assembly provided draft with teeth

VI. Where can we go from here?    
    • Alabama court reform an exception
    • Voters would make final statement on constitution

Dixie’s broken heart

A series of editorials

    • The two Alabamas

    • Hogs at the door
    • Suffer the little ones
    • The dunking booth
    • By the numbers
    • A shameful legacy
    • Our new century

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