Alabama leaders to converge
on Capitol steps Nov. 4
for constitutional reform rally

October 31, 2002
Contact: Kathryn Bowden

MONTGOMERY – A diverse group of Alabama leaders will headline a public rally at the steps of the State Capitol at noon, Nov. 4, to highlight the need for constitutional reform and the passage of Amendment One. Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform will sponsor the event, which will mark the culmination of a pre-election statewide school bus tour.

   Rally speakers will include Secretary of State Jim Bennett; Artur Davis, Democratic nominee for Congress from the Seventh District; Odessa Woolfolk, a past president of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute; Merika Coleman, Democratic nominee for the Alabama House of Representatives from District 57; State House Representative Mac Gipson (Republican, District 80); and Bradley Byrne, a member of the state school board and the Republic nominee for the Alabama Senate from District 32.

   The bus tour began at a rally in the Black Belt community of Marion on Oct. 16, and will arrive in Montgomery after dozens of appearances across the state. The ACCR bus, “Reform One,” has become a rolling petition in support of constitutional reform, with supporters signing their names directly onto the bus, and participants in the Montgomery rally will be invited to add their signatures.

   “The support for constitutional reform has been tremendous as the bus tour has made its way across the state,” says Kathy Bowden, Executive Director of ACCR. “This is an issue that is uniting Alabamians of all backgrounds, and the speakers today provide further evidence of the groundswell of bipartisan support for this movement from citizens and leaders across the state.”

   Participants in the rally will also be advocating the passage of Amendment One. The proposed change to the Alabama Constitution requires that any new constitution, whether written by the Legislature or by a constitutional convention, must be approved in a statewide vote before it can be enacted.

   “Amendment One is a no-brainer, and it’s important that the voters understand what this amendment means for them,” Bowden says. “Because the 1901 Alabama Constitution does not guarantee the people’s right to vote on a replacement, passage of Amendment One on Nov. 5 is a necessary step to ensure that any new constitution would reflect the will of the people.”

   A detailed schedule of the bus tour can be found on ACCR’s website, www.constitutionalreform.org. For more information, please contact ACCR by phone in Montgomery at (334) 834-5495 or by email at accr@constitutionalreform.org.

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