ACCR calls on Governor,
Legislature to give people final say
on a new constitution


August 22, 2001
CONTACT: Kathryn Bowden
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   Alabama's voters deserve the final say on any proposed new state constitution, says the leader of a growing grass-roots movement to rewrite Alabama's antiquated charter.

   Dr. Thomas E. Corts, president of Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform, called today on Gov. Don Siegelman and the Legislature to support a constitutional amendment that would require a statewide referendum.

   "The final decision on any new document must be made by all the people of Alabama," Corts wrote in a letter to Gov. Siegelman. "To that end, we believe that a constitutional amendment should be presented to the people of Alabama to ensure that they have the final choice on any new charter for our state.

   "Not surprisingly, the 1901 constitution is vague and unclear on this point. ACCR believes, however, that nothing could be clearer: the people must decide."

   Clearly worded language in an amendment would affirm American-style democracy, Corts added. He called on the Gov. Siegelman, Lt. Gov. Steve Windom and legislators to put partisan differences aside to pass the amendment in the upcoming special legislative session and then send it on for voters' approval.

   "While many leaders approach constitutional reform from different ideologies, all should surely find common ground in the simple idea that the people should have the ultimate decision-making authority," Corts wrote.

   "Most issues in constitutional reform will require considerable and meaningful debate, but Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Liberals, Conservatives and people of all races and gender alike should rally behind this proposal."

   Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform is a non-profit, non-partisan grassroots group working to educate the people of Alabama about the need to rewrite the state's constitution, which has been amended 706 times. The organization, which now has more than 1,000 dues-paying members, grew out of a rally in Tuscaloosa in April 2000.

   Other ACCR leaders include former Gov. Albert Brewer of Birmingham, former U.S. Rep. Jack Edwards of Mobile, Birmingham community leader Odessa Woolfolk and District Judge Howard Hawk of Arab.

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