Constitutional Commissions

I. Report of the Alabama Citizens Commission on Constitional Reform.

Submitted Jan. 17, 2003. This group was organized and supported by ACCR. Click above for background information.

Click here for a PDF version of the complete report.

II. Report of the Alabama Citizens' Constitution Commission to Gov. Bob Riley.

Submitted March 27, 2003. This group included many of the ACCR commission's members and complied with Gov. Riley's request for proposals on specific constitutional issues.

 Due to the large file size, the entire report has been broken into six parts
 for easier downloading. (pdf files)
 Part 1: Cover, Introduction, Members of the Commission (472k)
 Part 2: Limited Home Rule (685k)
 Part 3: Recompilation (332k)
 Part 4: Earmarking (2.7mb)
 Part 5: Line Item Veto (291k)
 Part 6: Super Majority Vote For Tax Increases (388k)

• Frequently Asked Questions About Constitutional Reform
Click here for the FAQs in PDF form (124k)

Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform
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