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Updated: April 30, 2015


Since the legislators haven't allowed the people to write a new state constitution, we are going to ask them to write a new one!

In 1983, the legislators DID write a new constitution and it was a good one. But because our Constitution allows only the people to write a new constitution, it was declared unconstitutional and never became the state's governing document.

ACCR proposes a constitutional amendment to allow the legislators to do what they tried to do in 1983.We aim for the legislators who will be elected in 2018 to write the new constitution, so it will be an incentive for people to run for the legislature in 2018.

Find the proposed 1983 Constitution HERE  

Legislative Update

Although we are supporting a new constitutional amendment to allow the legislators to write a new constitution, we want amendments arising from the Constitutional Revision Commission to pass during the 2015 Regular Session of the Alabama State Legislature.

Here are constitutional revision amendments to watch:

SB16 sponsored by Senator Del Marsh (and companion HB193 sponsored by Rep. Randy Davis) would give county commissions the authority to establish, certain programs relating to the administration of the affairs of the county, including establishing personnel policies and procedures for county employees, community programs, transportation programs, programs providing for the operation of county offices, elections and polling places and emergency assistance programs. It will not authorize tax increases or zoning control.

SB26 sponsored by Senator Greg Albritton would change Article VII on Impeachment concerning State officers who are elected. It would remove the Superintendent of Education from being impeached since that job is appointed by the State Board of Education. It would include the State Board of Education since they are elected.

SB30 sponsored by Senator Linda Coleman would revise the way local constitutional amendments are sent to statewide vote. It will change it so that if one legislator wanted a local constitutional amendment to receive a statewide vote, the full House and Senate must vote on sending the constitutional amendment to a statewide vote. Currently, one legislator from either the House or the Senate, can send a local constitutional amendment to a statewide vote by simply protesting it.


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