Announcing the Constitution Convention Bill
January 4, 2006 Press Conference


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Why Reform?

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ACCR presents: 'A Brighter Future'
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Download this 10-minute video that discusses the need for constitutional reform by examing Alabama's past and present. The video features interviews from people throughout the state, including former governor Albert Brewer, and takes an in-depth look at the Vance school system.
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The Alabama Constitution: 100 Years of Controversy
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This 12-part series spans a century examining Alabama's outdated constitution.
With the help of many distinguished guests and University of Alabama Television, the late Bailey Thomson created this 12-part series of 30-minute videos in the summer of 2001. They examine critical issues concerning the state's constitution.

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Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Populist Revolt
Part 3: 1901 Convention
Part 4: Big Mules vs. Reformers
Part 5: State Government
Part 6: Local Democracy
Part 7: Taxes
Part 8: Special Interests and Citizens
Part 9: How Reform Might Work
Part 10: A Legal Perspective
Part 11: The Press and Reform
Get Quicktime Part 12: The National Perspective