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Our new legislature

We have 45 new faces in our Alabama Legislature. This election sent a message loud and clear.

Voters were not satisfied with the status quo. They want reform. A new constitution can provide the reform they need.

Would you please contact your new legislators before next year and let them know that you are depending on them to bring real reform: a new constitution to Alabama? click here to see who they are.

Here is an example of what you might say, but your own words are the best.

Dear Representative or Senator ____________,

Congratulations on your recent election. No doubt you will have many voices giving you information between now and next March. But as your constituent, I just want you to know that many of us in Alabama see the need for a new constitution as the real reform Alabama needs.

The existing Constitution, written 109 years ago, prevents counties from providing what their citizens need without going to the legislators for a constitutional amendment. As you probably know, our Constitution has more than 835 constitutional amendments and the list grows every year. Legislation will be offered in the 2011 Session that will let the people vote for a constitutional convention. I hope you will vote in favor of it.

Thank you and good luck !

Here are the new members of the House of Representatives, their districts and phone numbers.

You can figure out who your legislators are at The State has not listed the new legislators yet, but you can enter your zip code and find your House and Senate district.

1. Greg Burdine of Florence D 256-767-4900, 256-676-5930, 256-760-1888
2. Lynn Greer of Rogersville R 256-247-1055
5. Dan Williams of Athens R 256-232-8993
7. Ken Johnson of Moulton R 256-974-5468
8. Terri Collins of Decatur R 256-355-0091
9. William “Ed” Henry of Hartselle R 256-642-9821
12. Mavin Buttram of Cullman R 256-297-2286
13. William Roberts of Jasper R 205-221-0514
14. Richard Baughn of Lynn R 205-893-5815
15. Allen James Farley of Bessemer R 205-960-7526
16. Daniel Boman of Sulligent R 205-994-4600, 205-999-2904
21. James Patterson of Meridianville R 256-828-3104
22. Wayne Johnson of Huntsville R 205-533-1925
26. Kerry Rich of Albertville R 256-894-7872
27. Wesley Oliver Long of Guntersville R 256-677-1527
29. Becky Nordgren of Gadsden R 256-546-1378
42. Aubrey Wallace of Maplesville R 334-366-4689
49. April Weaver of Alabaster R 205-685-9877
60. Juandalynn Givan of Birmingham D 205-798-9819
62. John Merrill of Tuscaloosa R 205-349-2029
63. William Poole of Tuscaloosa R 205-752-8338
67. Darrio Melton of Selma D 334-327-5005
69. David Colston of Hayneville D (
73. Joseph Hubbard of Montgomery D 334-262-1850
81. Mark Tuggle of Alexander City R 256-329-3352
84. Berry Forte of Eufaula D 334-687-9985
85. Dexter Grimsley of Newville D 334-889-0602
86. Paul Lee of Dothan R 334-792-9682
87. Donny Chesteen of Geneva R 334-684-2196
88. Paul Beckman of Prattville R 334-361-0977
91. Felix Moore of Enterprise R 334-898-9973
92. Michael Jones of Andalusa R 334-222-5367
98. Napoleaon Bracy of Pritchard D 251-452-2331

Here are the new Alabama State Senators, their districts and phone numbers.

2: William Holtzclaw of Madison R 256-721-5948
4. Paul Bussman of Cullman R 256-736-6048
5. Greg Reed of Jasper R 205-387-8095
8. Shadrack McGill of Woodville R 256-776-0011
9. Clay Scofield of Guntersville R 256-931-5222
10. Phillip Williams of Rainbow City R 256-442-0201
11. Jerry Fielding of Sylacauga D 256-249-2923
13. Gerald Dial of Lineville R 256-396-5626
15. Slade Blackwell of Birmingham R 205-879-8158
25. Dick Brewbaker of Montgomery R 334-271-4423
27. Tom Whatley of Auburn R 334-209-0435
30. Bryan Taylor of Prattville R 334-284-4556

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