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Constitutional reform can wait? Don't tell that to state lawmakers Ted Little and Demetrius Newton. In its upcoming session, the Legislature will have a chance to break the back of the state's unjust Constitution, the duo announced at a Wednesday news conference in Montgomery.

Hooray for this act of optimism that taunts conventional wisdom, which dictates that it's a lost cause to propose fundamental state government fixes during an election year. Sen. Little, D-Auburn, and Rep. Newton, D-Birmingham, are doing right by Alabamians by putting constitutional reform on the table one week before the Legislature begins its 2006 session. If it passes, their measure gives the state's voters a chance to throw out the 1901 Constitution and begin the process of writing a new one.

Doesn't seem like a hard choice for lawmakers. Pass a bill to help make the state more democratic by putting more power in the hands of the people or stand by and do nothing, something that benefits the powerful few whom the Constitution was written on behalf of. Embrace positive change for Alabama or keep your head buried in the mud. The answer is obvious in any year, even one with a November election on the calendar.

Little and Newton have stepped up on behalf of a better state. We'll be watching to see who else in Montgomery joins them.

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