A Primer on the Alabama's 1901 Constitution and Constitutional Reform

In 2005, ACCR Shoals Chapter members wrote articles on Alabama's Constitution for the TimesDaily newspaper and other newspapers in Alabama. The set of articles become a good primer or starting point in learning about the state constitution and why citizens see a need for reform.

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Presentation Materials
Why Reform?

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Report of the Alabama Citizens Commission on Constitional Reform
January 17, 2003

The final report of the Alabama Citizens' Commission on Constitutional Reform, chaired by Secretary of State Jim Bennett, was presented to the Alabama Legislature.

Report of the Alabama Citizens' Constitution Commission
to Gov. Bob Riley
March 27, 2003

This group included many of the ACCR commission's members and complied with Gov. Riley's request for proposals on specific constitutional issues. Due to the large file size, the entire report has been broken into six parts for easier downloading.

The following files are in PDF format. Click to download.

Part 1: Cover, Introduction, Members of the Commission (472k)
Part 2: Limited Home Rule (685k)
Part 3: Recompilation (332k)
Part 4: Earmarking (2.7mb)
Part 5: Line Item Veto (291k)
Part 6: Super Majority Vote For Tax Increases (388k)