Constitutional reform group launches two long-term initiatives with new Web site
March 18, 2004

BIRMINGHAM -- Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform (ACCR) has launched an ambitious online initiative to organize local chapters in every county in the state. ACCR's website,, has been completely revamped with new information and tools to empower local chapters.

The new website will also include updated presentation materials, a new section dedicated to students, a multimedia page with many online videos, an improved email newsletter, and a very easy-to-use format.

" will allow the message of constitutional reform to spread across the state like a wildfire as more and more citizens band together looking for answers to the problems of state government," said Mike Van Rensselaer, chair of the newest ACCR chapter in Northwest Alabama.

"This website will propel the constitutional reform movement into a new era of grassroots involvement unlike any other seen in Alabama," said ACCR Board member and Samford University President Dr. Thomas Corts. "The citizens of Alabama yearn for change and our broken constitution is the place to begin."

The second long-term initiative will be the development of a high school curriculum on the state constitution. A core advisory group of superintendents will work with the Alabama Center for Law and Civic Education at Samford University to begin drafting units of instruction. Funds donated to ACCR in memory of Dr. Bailey Thomson will be used to launch this project.

Thomson was a founding member and the chairman of ACCR at the time of his death last November.

"These long-term initiatives will make continued progress towards the solution to a long-term problem," said ACCR Board member Cathy Golden of Fairhope. "ACCR has made significant progress in drawing attention to the issue of Constitutional Reform in the past four years and this new initiative will allow us to reach out to even more Alabamians. "

Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform is a non-partisan public interest group founded in 2000 to educate the people of Alabama and their leaders about the need for comprehensive constitutional reform. For more information, see their new website at

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