2004 American Legion Boys State creates a forward thinking Alabama Constitution
June 3, 2004
Judge Pete Johnson

MONTEVALLO, Alabama -- The 2004 American Legion Boys State delegates have authored a mock Constitution for the State of Alabama through a constitutional convention. This version of the law of our land shifts the balance of power from Montgomery back to the people and creates a more efficient government.

Judge Pete Johnson, the leader of Alabama Boys State for the past 21 years, had this to say:

"The effort the delegates put into developing this Constitution surpassed our greatest expectations. Every one of our youth has learned a great deal about how government works which will serve our state well for years to come."

Representative Jeff McLaughlin (D-Guntersville), one of a host of outstanding speakers during a week of activities at the 2004 Boys State, encouraged the young men to create a Constitution that is forward thinking and serves the needs of the citizens of this great state. He even requested that the group send him the final version of the document after it was ratified.

Boys State Mock Constitution (PDF)
Alabama Boys State
American Legion

The objectives of this exercise were to allow the young men to gain in-depth knowledge about the functions of a constitution, to learn about citizenship, and to discuss policy issues with others from across the state. The boys debated concepts such as home rule and earmarking as well as checks and balances of power in our state government.

The youth chose to model much of their document on the United States Constitution.

Mark Berte, who was recently hired as the Lead Organizer for the Constitutional Reform Education Campaign at Greater Birmingham Ministries, facilitated the discussion for the Constitution Convention Interest Group, one of fourteen groups the youth could choose to delve deeply into issues.

Berte says that "this document would easily replace the 1901 Constitution that has thwarted potential progress in this state for too long. This version our foundational document represents the type of good government that the people of the state want and deserve."

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