The 1901 Alabama Constitutional Convention

In 1901, Alabama convened a Constitutional Convention primarily to disenfranchise black votes and poor white voters in the state. By creating a Constitution that centralized power in Montgomery, they were able accomplish these aims  and much more…

Does this sound like the Alabama you know?

Of course not! The transcripts of the 1901 Constitutional Convention make the point that the ideas found within the Constitution, while legally eloquent, were morally corrupt.

Most Alabamians today are repulsed by the language used at the Convention, and many amendments have been added to our Constitution throughout the years to reflect more forward thinking.

However, the underlying structure of the 1901 Constitution still limits Alabama in many ways..

What's Wrong with Alabama's Constitution?

  • It restricts home rule. The current Constitution concentrates power in Montgomery by restricting local democracy.

Just how long is Alabama's Constitution?

Longer than the U.S. Constitution
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ACCR is Leading the Way

Alabama Citizens of Constitutional Reform (ACCR) is a community of Alabamians who are determined to see legislative change in the State of Alabama, starting with our Constitution. We support Amendments to Constitution that address the underlying issues of inefficiency and inequality, but realize that these are only half-measures. A Constitutional Convention by the people and legislature is necessary to create a new foundation for Alabama that safeguards the future of Alabama for generations to come.



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