Become a Member

Here we will use a subscription page where users can become ACCR Inc Members ($25/year).

Ideally, the ACCR Inc member contributions will be used to maintain the website, launch online marketing campaigns through social media and search engine platforms, develop new content for sharing (videos, interviews, digital media), and support rallies/ meetings around the state.

We will need to consult a legal expert on the best financial structure for ACCR. Can funds be sent from the 501(c)4 to the 501(c)3? If so, we could contribute membership fees from the C4 to the C3 to support local chapters around the state when no grant money is available. Again, this is above my expertise so I digress..

We will also have a one time donation area and information for people wanting to write grants. This will divert traffic to a secure site where they can make a one time or subscription based donation. This will most likely be two different links- one for the 501(c)3 and another for the 501(c)4.