Letter to ACCR Membership

Passage of the 2022 Alabama Constitution was a major victory for the state, reorganizing the document and removing racist language. But we all know there is more that must be done to improve this flawed document for the benefit of all Alabamians.

Toward this end, the Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform (ACCR) has engaged the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama (PARCA) to examine the many ways our constitution impacts the well-being of our citizens. We are planning a series of research briefs that examine the real-world implication of the constitution in areas such as education, the economy, healthcare, democracy, liberty and justice, and the consequences of our tax structure.

We see how our constitution affects us daily in the difficulty it places on local governments, those closest to the citizens, when they simply need to pass laws to govern their communities.  PARCA’s research will define how our constitution impacts the daily lives of Alabama citizens.

ACCR needs an objective, well-researched examination of the constitution in order to proceed with its mission to educate and advocate for an Alabama Constitution that protects and enhances the lives for all Alabama citizens.

We need your help to fund the research with PARCA.

Please consider donating to this effort at https://www.constitutionalreform.org. To make a donation online, select Contributions from the menu and make a donation to the tax deductible ACCR Foundation, or mail a check payable to the

ACCR Foundation

P. O. Box 10746
Birmingham, AL 35202


ACCR Chair Kristi Thomson


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