ACCR was Founded.

Journalist and educator Bailey Thomas (1949-2003) founded the Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform (ACCR) in 2000 with the help of others, including lawyer Tom Carruthers, Sid McAnnally, Dr. Corts, Gov. Brewer , Brunson White, Odessa Woolfolk, Judge Gorman Houston, Professor Wayne Flynt and others.

His efforts along with reforms started by Gov. Albert Brewer and with the help of the late Dr. Thomas Corts, President of Samford University, resulted in a movement for reform that began in Tuscaloosa with a rally attended by hundreds.

    • ACCR Foundation, the 501 (c) 3 education organization was incorporated 18 September 2000.
    • ACCR, INC., the 501 (c) 4 advocacy organization was incorporated 13 February 2001.