Racist Language can be removed from our 1901 Constitution if voters pass a constitutional amendment to recompile the Constitution in November of 2020

Alabama Legislature 2019 Session
Alabama Legislature 2019 Session

A constitutional amendment to remove the racist language through recompilation of our 1901 Constitution passed in this 2019 Legislative session without a single negative vote.

It was sponsored by Representative Merika Coleman in the House who then worked with Senator Rodger Smitherman to get it passed in the Senate.

Now it will go to the voters in November of 2020….NOT THIS YEAR, but next year.  We must spend the next year letting the voters know the importance of voting to pass this constitutional amendment.

Limited Home Rule is now available to county commissions as a result of a constitutional amendment passed by the Legislature and the voters in 2016.

Also in 2016, a constitutional amendment changed Article VII on Impeachment concerning state officers who are elected.  It removes the Superintendent of Education from being impeached because he or she is appointed by the State Board of Education.  The bill allows for impeachment of the State Board of Education members since they are elected.

Also in 2016, a constitutional amendment changes the way we identify our three divisions of government.  It changes them from Departments to Branches.

Also in 2016, a constitutional amendment revised the way local constitutional amendments are sent to statewide vote.  Each local amendment must receive an initial vote by the House and the Senate on the merits of the amendment.  Then, if approved, the House and Senate must vote on whether the amendment should receive a local or a statewide vote.  

These amendments passed in 2016, are the result of the Constitutional Revision Commissions’ work.  That Commission was created in 2011 and very capably chaired by the late, great, Former Governor Albert Brewer.

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